The lifeblood of an organisation is its people.

They specify the information to analyse to make decisions, take action and contribute to the running of the company.

So it makes perfect sense for the organisation to have its employees at peak performance and embrace the concept of continuous improvement for staff as well as the business. Project Managers will know that from a pure business perspective, employees are ‘Resources’. But those resources perform differently depending on a great many factors.

Often, until people experience coaching they don’t see the point of it. Whilst the Tony Robbins style ‘rah rah’ pep talk can be useful for some people, that’s not really what coaching is about. And its different for each individual – one size fits all packages which aren’t tailored to the individual aren’t much use.

The pages we have here necessarily have generic descriptions of how and why coaching may be useful. But, it’s much more helpful to know a business situation and devise a coaching plan for specific individuals that align their personal needs and growth with the business requirements.

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