“Coaching translates into doing.  Doing translates into impacting the business.  This impact can be quantified and maximized.”  Manchester Review ROI Reprint

Your leaders are the greatest variable in your company’s ability to execute its strategy.  Leaders solve problems and maximise resources.

Coaching leaders can make a real difference to the bottom line of a business, and to the individual performance and satisfaction of Supervisors, Team Leaders, Managers, Directors or CEOs, in delivering profitability.

Coaching Benefits to the Organisation

  • Improve productivity, quality, customer service and shareholder value
  • Reduce inefficiencies and costs
  • Increase innovation
  • Increase cohesiveness of teams and projects
  • Support employees who’ve been promoted to cope with new responsibilities
  • Help employees to sort out personal issues that might otherwise affect performance at work
  • Gain increased employee commitment and satisfaction, leading to improved retention
  • Demonstrate to employees that the organisation is committed to developing its staff and helping them improve their skills
  • Gain a satisfactory process for self-development
  • Support other training and development initiatives e.g. reduce “leakage” from training courses

Coaching Benefits to the Individual

  • Increased ability to solve own problems
  • Improved managerial and interpersonal skills
  • Better relationships with colleagues, partners, customers, suppliers, etc.
  • Increased ability to identify and act on development needs
  • Greater confidence and creativity
  • More effective and assertive in dealing with people
  • Increased performance
  • Greater self-awareness and gain of new perspectives
  • New skills and abilities
  • Greater adaptability to change
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Reduced stress levels

Why choose Sue as your coach?  Ask your coach about their MBTI profile!

  • Top level: I will notice meanings, possibilities and patterns in your life and business rather than the mundane facts and details.  Responding well to the intangibles, I often see things others don’t or can’t.
  • As an ENTJ, my dominant preference is extroverted thinking, meaning that I take effective action to help you realise your goals.  I’ll apply originality to identifying patterns and meanings in your leadership and analyzing them with you objectively.  I’m a logical, theoretical and systems oriented leadership coach.
  • This is backed up by introverted intuition making me original, visionary and creative as it relates to designing your development and growth as a leader.
  • Under the stimulus of my ingenuity and drive to discover, I will focus more on your possibilities for the future than in the here-and-now.  I enjoy working with clients who want opportunities for change, challenge and variety.
  • As your inspiring ally, I’ll challenge the status quo and help you find ways to overcome apparently insurmountable difficulties.
  • As a ENTJ coach, I bring a strong intellect and can help you think strategically and effectively on both the macro and micro levels.
  • I work to inspire you, with no drama and sharp focus on getting you the results you want!

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